Usyk heavyweight debut likely to happen in August (VIDEO)

As it was announced earlier this week, the highly anticipated heavyweight debut of Oleksandr Usyk was postponed due to injury the Ukrainian suffered. The promoter, Eddie Hearn, revealed today that the 32-years-old fighter will be returning to the ring somewhere in August this year.

The good news, if any, is that Usyk will not undergo any surgery for the injury.

“He tore his biceps. He’s not having an operation. I think he’s going to return in August or something like that. I think it’s five weeks until he can start training again,” Hearn told IFL TV.

“I don’t know how it happened or why it happened. Obviously, he’s moving up and he’s doing a lot more heavy duty stuff now. He’s sparring guys that are much bigger and heavier. I don’t know whether it was lifting or sparring when he injured himself… probably heavy duty sparring with big guys. It’s a real shame because I was looking forward to that.”

Usyk’s last fight was in November when he KO’d the Brit Tonny Bellew in front of a sold-out Manchester crowd.

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