Usyk wins antcipated heavyweight debut

Former undisputed cruiserweight champion of the world Oleksandr Usyk (17-0) has officially been welcomed to the heavyweight world of boxing yesterday in Chicago, US.

The Ukrainian southpaw defeated last-minute replacement opponent Chazz Witherspoon (38-4) via KO in the 7th round. The bout was stopped by the American’s corner because Witherspoon was obviously gassed out and there was no point for continuing the fight having in mind the kind of punishment he was receiving from Usyk.

The 38-year-old boxer was active in the first rounds and was trying to keep it up with the younger Usyk, as he even managed to land some heavy shots in his adversary’s head that marked Usyk’s right eye.

Still, the former cruiserweight king was dictating the pace of the fight and thanks to his good footwork Usyk was opening angles and terrorizing his opponent from round 1 to round 7.

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