Venezuela tops the Pan American SAMBO Medal Board

The Venezuelan SAMBO fighters topped the Medal Board in the first day of the Pan American Championship.

Maria Amyulina Guedez won the final in women’s 48 kg category, Geiker Ferrer triumphed ad men’s 74 kg and Lucas Borregales took 1st place in Combat SAMBO’s 57 kg men division. The two silver medals won by Derian Rodriguez (62) and Jose Guanipa (Combat SAMBO, 68) gave Venezuela the edge over Canada for the 1st place after Day 1, with the North-Americans winning 3 titles also, but no other metals.

The most silverware in the day went to the Dominican Republic – 2 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 5 bronze medals, making the total count of 11 Top 3 positions.


Medalists in the 1st day:



48 kg

  1. GUEDEZ Maria Amyulina (VEN)
  2. QUITERIO Julia (DOM)

64 kg

  1. COROZO Erika (ECU)
  2. PANIAGUA Mary (DOM)
  3. QUIROGA Michelle (COL)
  4. RAMIREZ Joselin (MEX)

72 kg

  1. MONTERO Ruth (DOM)
  2. HERNANDEZ Nancy (MEX)
  3. JIMENEZ Norma (CRC)

+80 kg

  1. NIEVES Mirtha (CUB)
  2. GARCIA Marian (DOM)


52 kg

  1. MACFADYEN Torin (CAN)
  2. CAMPOS Alan (MEX)
  3. SOSA Anderson (DOM)
  4. VALLECILLA Santiago (COL)

62 kg

  2. RODRIGUEZ Derian (VEN)
  3. CARRANZA Ricardo (ESA)
  4. DIAZ Neifi (DOM)

74 kg

  1. FERRER Geiker (VEN)
  2. REYES Elvin (NCA)
  3. CARDOSO Gilberto (MEX)
  4. DIAZ Daniel (CRC)

90 kg

  1. BROWN Alfred (USA)
  2. CRESPO Jesus (CUB)
  3. LISBOA Cassio (BRA)
  4. JIMENEZ Jose (DOM)

+100 kg

  1. RYGIELSKI Martin (CAN)
  2. JESURUN Julio (DOM)
  3. GIZA Joshua (USA)

Combat SAMBO

57 kg

  2. RODRIGUEZ Imanol (MEX)
  3. MUR Juan (ARG)
  4. CONTRERAS Junior (DOM)

68 kg

  1. MOLINA Hanz (CRC)
  2. GUANIPA Jose (VEN)
  3. BANUELOS Cesar (MEX)
  4. CRUZADO Cristopher (PER)

82 kg

  1. COLQUHOUN Matthew (JAM)
  3. PERALTA Orlando (DOM)

100 kg

  1. MATOS Carlos (DOM)
  2. GIRALDO Jaime (COL)
  3. HENRIQUEZ Mauricio (CHI)


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