Video: Cain Velasquez loses ‘rematch’ to Brock Lesnar in brief WWE debut

At least in the world of fantasy, Brock Lesnar has evened the score with Cain Velasquez.

Performing at WWE’s Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia on Thursday, Lesnar and Velasquez opened the show with a match that clocked in at under five minutes of actual in-ring time. This was Velasquez’s first match for the promotion after making his pro-wrestling debut with Mexico’s AAA promotion this past August and his on-screen debut with the WWE earlier this month.

The encounter was billed as a rematch of Lesnar and Velasquez’s heavyweight championship title bout at UFC 121 from Oct. 23, 2010, which saw Velasquez claim the belt via first-round TKO.

In the storyline, Velasquez has been paired up with wrestling legend Rey Mysterio opposite Lesnar and his on-screen manager Paul Heyman. The match itself was booked to simulate a mixed martial arts contest and ended in abrupt fashion when Velasquez floored Lesnar with strikes only to succumb to a kimura lock, an MMA hold that Lesnar has established as a finishing maneuver during his time with the WWE.

Afterwards, Lesnar attacked Velasquez with a chair, prompting Mysterio to become involved, resulting in a brawl involving all three performers.


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