Vitor Belfort says Wanderlei Silva deserves a “beating”

MMA legend Vitor Belfort once again called out his long-time rival Wanderlei Silva, saying his fellow Brazilian deserves a “beating.”

Two of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, Belfort and Silva first met almost 22 years ago, back at UFC Brazil in October 1998. In one of the greatest knockouts of all time, the young phenom Belfort blitzed Silva and finished him in just 44 seconds in what is still one of the most stunning, brutal, and violent finishes we’ve ever seen in mixed martial arts.

In the 20-plus years since then, Silva and Belfort have been connected to a rematch but the fight has never happened despite both men being in the UFC and PRIDE for much of the same time period. But in 2020, with Belfort signed to ONE Championship and looking for a fresh start at age 43, he’s back to calling out the 44-year-old Silva, who most recently fought for Bellator. It’s worth noting Silva recently signed a deal with Bare Knuckle FC.

Speaking to Combate, Belfort said the rivalry with Silva still burns deep all these years later.

“Wanderlei, keep selling the fight. You will get a deserved beating. It will be a pleasure to be able to fight you again. And I’m warning you: try to work the straight strokes, it doesn’t come very open, otherwise you already know what you’re going to receive. Train hard and thank you for being part of the sport,” Belfort said.

In fact, Belfort said there are ongoing negotiations to make the long-awaited rematch happen, though he cautioned against calling it a done deal just yet.

“It’s being negotiated. I learned that we can’t talk much when things are happening. This fight, for sure, has to be carried out. I have every interest. When two are hungry and have a plate of food. But it has to be a very good meal for both,” Belfort said.

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