Watch the documentary movie “Boxing Dictionary”

One year after the premiere of the Bulgarian documentary movie “Boxing Dictionary” now you can watch the feature free on Youtube.

One of the most famous Bulgarian boxers are engaged with the movie – Alexey “The Fish” Ribchev, Yordan “The Bug” Vasilev, Ayrin Ismetov, Krasimir Mitov, Lulin Todorov, etc.

Director and operator of the movie is Vasil Goranov. He finds himself in one of the boxing gyms in Ruse, Bulgaria. Right away he’s impressed by the specific atmosphere and the personalities there that he decides to make a movie about their everyday life. The movie is being shot for 7 years. During that time the fighters have their ups and downs, they share their dreams and fears, but they all stand their ground no matter what.

Boxing is a sport with its own dictionary and that’s why the name of the movie is “Boxing Dictionary”.

“Some people say boxing is a form of art where you ask questions, but don’t get answers”

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