White Horse’s Nikita Grishkov steals the show at Godzilla Fight night

Last weekend was a pleasure for CSKA Moscow fans, and especially the popular White Horse group. Their own Nikita Grishkov made a statement during bare-knuckle boxing bout at the Godzilla Fight evening.

Grishkov participated at the professional fight night with injured left hand. However, the trauma didn’t stop him to steal the show with express first round knock out finish.

“Physically I wasn’t 100% ready, but mentally it was my moment”, Nikita Grishkov told Boec.COM. “I was there to make a statement. It was my time to shine and impress the promoters from Top Dog and Hardcore Fighting Championship.”

“Unfortunately it was about seconds. After few hits and a decent left blow my opponent fell. The referee was counting and he didn’t want to continue fighting. We fought for less than a minute.”

Competitors only have thin wraps around their wrists with no protection, meaning hands and faces are often at risk. Its roots are in the ancient empires of Greece and Rome.

“This is only the beginning”, Grishkov said. “I want to thank all my friends for cancelling their own plans and supporting me outside the cage.”

The bare-knuckle boxing is growing big last few months with former UFC star Artem Lobov and boxing world champ Paulie Malignaggi’ s appearance, while the hugely popular Paige VanZant recently put pen to paper with BKFC following the expiry of her UFC contract.

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