Wilder rejects Floyd Mayweather’s offer to help

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has emphatically turned down Floyd Mayweather’s offer to train him, claiming the retired boxing legend was only after publicity.

“Money” offered to train Wilder for the third fight with Tyson Fury that had to take place this December. Wilder got destroyed by “The Gypsy King” when they fought in February and since then “The Bronze Bomber” is denying the fact that he lost to the way better man.

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First Wilder said his ring-walk costume was too heavy, then he had an injury, now he’s saying Mark Breland spiked his water and that Tyson Fury cheated with his gloves.

Wilder was absent from the big picture for the better part of the year, but now he’s back at it after Tyson Fury and his promoter Frank Warren announced that they won’t be fighting the American because of the time frame for the trilogy is gone.

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Still, Wilder doesn’t believe that he has to change anything, and even if Mayweather was after publicity, the chance of improving his game is now also gone.

“My thing is, every fighter I’ve fought, Floyd has bet against me,’ Wilder said. It ain’t even for me to discuss.

“Even with Mark Breland, I need [a trainer], Mark ain’t on the team no more. Nobody had anything good to say about my trainers before, but all of a sudden, you need him.

“All this time, and all of a sudden now? Why? I don’t need anybody. I’ve made it all this far. Why do I need to change up anything? Of course, we need to replace it, and you’re going to see what it is. But nobody has reached out to me.

“It’s publicity. When I see people do that stuff, it’s for publicity. But to the offer [from Mayweather], thank you, but no thank you. I don’t feel any love from that man. Their actions don’t show that.

“It’s fake love to me, but they know that themselves. They can’t look me in the eyes and tell me they care about me and want to see me do well. They can’t look me in the eyes and be sincere about that because I would feel them. They can’t do that because they know it’s not real. It’s not. It’s for publicity”, Wilder added.

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