Wilder responds to Mark Breland

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder clapped back at his former trainer Mark Breland.

Breland, who worked with “The Bronze Bomber” for years, got fired after Wilder accused him of tempering his water during the Fury – Wilde rematch last February.

Image: BGNES

Last weekend Breland attacked his former boxer saying that he’s done with boxing and that all of his wins are against below-average opponents with the exception of Luis Ortiz.

Breland says he views the 6’7″ Wilder’s career is over with after he was obliterated in seven rounds by Fury. He doesn’t think Wilder would ever beat Fury.

Wilder, of course, didn’t hold back and had this to say:

“You can’t break a king. When you’re a king, you’re a king. A king knows how to get back up and continue to lead.

“Because he understands that he has people waiting on you to, ‘Get up king and continue to lead us.’ That’s what it is, I’m a king,” said Wilder to 78SPORTSTV.

“Oh, you wanna break your silence to the UK media, ‘Somebody else poured the water.’ Nah, you did that s***. This is the end of my career? Man, this is only the beginning of greatness. But for you, it is the end,” said Wilder.

“Sometimes it ain’t the enemy, sometimes it’s the mother f***ers that are right there,” said Wilder about Breland. “Let that coward-ass n**** do what he do.

“He’s a b***. “It’s like, where is it all coming from? Is it because of where I am in life and your career was short?… It’s all making sense now. He’s been envying me, he’s been jealous. Now all this s*** is truly coming out.”

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