Wilder reveals three-fight plan

Deontay Wilder has reviled how he is planning to become the undisputed boxing champion of the world.

His schedule features three fights in the heavyweight division against some of the biggest names around, but not Anthony Joshua. “After Ortiz, it’d be Fury. Then after Fury, s***, it’d be Ruiz. I’m gonna call it into existence, I think Ruiz gonna beat Joshua. And when he do, it’ll be me and him. I’m looking for Ortiz, Fury, Ruiz and that’s how I’m willing to go – back to back to back”.

“The Bronze Bomber” also commented on the possibility of a third fight against Tyson Fury after the rematch in February. “Yeah it’s a rematch clause in there. But he ain’t gonna exercise that after I whoop his ass the second time and knock him out again. We ain’t have to worry about that. He don’t even wanna fight now, that’s why he ran from the rematch.”

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