Wilder sends Dominic Breazeale death threat before New York bout

We’re just days away from the first world heavyweight title fight for 2019. This Saturday night in Brooklyn, New York, the WBC champ Deontay Wilder (40-0-1) will defend his belt against his fellow countryman Dominic Breazeale (20-1-0).

It’s fair to say there is no love lost between these two and the Saturday night clash will be personal. The Alabama native said after his media workout yesterday that he’ll have no regrets if he kills Breazeale in the ring.

“This is the only sport in the world where you can kill a man and get paid for it at the same time, so why not use my right to do so?” he asked.

Image: БТА

“Dominic Breazeale asked for this. I didn’t ask for this, he asked for me. If it comes, it comes. This is a brutal sport. This is not a gentleman’s sport, we don’t ask to hit each other in the face, but we do anyway.

“You can ask any doctor around the world and he’ll tell you the head is not meant to be hit. Anyone can go. And on this particular time, we’ve got real bad blood against each other.

“I can’t wait. Like I said, he’s like a fly in my ear. I can’t wait to get him out. It’s going to be in dramatic fashion, in a fashion nobody has ever seen. His life is on the line, and I do mean his life. I’m still trying to get me a body on my record.”

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