Wilder: Why not have two or three fights with Luis Ortiz?

Even though the WBC world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder promised to the fans he’ll be colliding with IBF, WBO and WBA “Super” champ Anthony Joshua in the near future, now the undefeated American stated that he’d welcome a second and why not a third bout with his former adversary Luis Ortiz.

The 33-years-old American destroyed Dominic Breazeale this past Saturday in what many viewed as a parody fight and now “The Bronze Bomber” is on to the next one. The fans are craving for a unification clash with the Brit Anthony Joshua or a rematch with the former world champ Tyson Fury, but it seems that Wilder and his team are looking to give the Cuban heavyweight his rematch.

Ortiz stepped in the ring with the American champ following Wilder’s first-round KO of Breazeale and made a public announcement that he wants a second shot at the yellow-green strap.

Here’s what Deontay had to say about the Cuban:

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“Ortiz? The heavyweight division is very small,” Wilder said during the post-fight press conference.

“You know, so why not have two fights, three fights? You know, all these guys, that’s why I don’t understand why none of the big fights haven’t happened thus far. If you lose, OK. Rebuild yourself and get back up. Most of the time in life, many people lose, but they give up. And the great thing about life is people wanna see how you fall and get back up. It’s easy to stay on top. It’s easy to be a winner, with no losses and different things like that. You know, everybody wants to be a winner, but a real winner, a true winner is somebody that falls from that platform, because everybody wanna see how they develop themselves and get back up in life.

And that’s why I don’t care about my record. You know what I mean?

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That’s how you become a two-time champion, a three-time champion, a four-time champion. And the heavyweight division, like I said, is very small. So, we’ve gotta make the big fights happen. You know, it’s one loss – you can come back. Look at most of these challengers – they lose many different times, but how many times they get title fights? Look at Breazeale. He lost before to Joshua and now he’s in another title fight. You know, and the list goes on and on.”

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