Workout of the day: It’s Cardio time

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We all know how important and hard is to get your cardio right. It really doesn’t matter what your discipline is – football, kickboxing or sumo. Expanding the capacity of your lungs is not as easy as it sounds – running, climbing and jumping are three primal exercises known to mankind since the dawn, but if you know how to put them together in one training session, you’ll notice your stamina and overall strength getting better and higher with every single week.

2 rounds of:

2-minutes of bike or row

10 broad jumps

30 seconds of jumping jacks

30 seconds of goblet squats

2X 400-m run/ 2X 200-m run

Now do it again!

Finish strong with some jogging and if you have something left, go get that rope you bought last Christmas and do some rope jumping (no more than 5 minutes).

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