World Academy of Sport and UWW announce partnership for 2022

United World Wrestling has announced a scholarship programme that will provide its member nations with greater opportunities for people in the sports industry to build on existing expertise or qualifications.

The scholarships are being offered in partnership with the World Academy of Sport (WAoS), a leader in developing specialist education programmes in the sports industry.

The partnership will provide immediate opportunities for member federations with one fully-funded scholarship and 5, 25% scholarships available for the WAoS/University of London Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in International Sports Management.

The online course can be completed over a period of up to five years, recognizing that industry professionals require varying levels of learning at different stages in their careers as many have limited time available. Additionally, the programme recognizes the importance of combining local context with an international overlay is increasingly more important in all aspects of sports management. Currently, there are over 100 students taking the course, representing more than 20 sports and 60 nationalities.

Additionally, WAoS is offering 100 scholarships per member federation. The WAoS Athlete Certificate is an online course developed for student-athletes between 15 to 18 years of age who want to gain a broader understanding of the tools needed to become successful and knowledgeable athletes. The course has been designed and written by content writers who regularly work with athletes and has been overseen by an expert reference group representing several international federations.


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