Yoel Romero explains why light heavyweight is not for him

Cuba’s Yoel Romero is just a couple of days away from his fourth UFC title fight in his prolific MMA career.

This Saturday night “The Soldier of God” will challenge UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 248 in Las Vegas.

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When the title fight was announced, a lot of people were unhappy due to the fact Romero is on a two-fight losing streak. Nonetheless, this is the fight Israel Adesanya wanted, as he believes a win over Yoel is crucial for his middleweight legacy.

Romero, 42, will forever be linked with his previous title shots in which he wouldn’t make the weight. Although he has had his struggles making the middleweight title fight limit of 83.9 kg in the past, Yoel Romero has never opted to move back up to light heavyweight where he started his professional MMA career.

Romero explained that decision in a recent Media Day interview:

“When I’m training, I go down (in weight), and when I’m training, normally when I have good training, (I weigh a) maximum 95.2 kg,” Romero said via MMAJunkie. “It’s not possible. When I’m not training, boom – yeah, heavyweight. But when I’m training – 95.2, 94.3, 95.2, 94.3. It’s not possible for me. It’s not possible because I’m training good. I have respect for my job. When I’m training, I know what I need to do for good training.”

Yoel Romero continued:

“When you don’t sleep good, and when (you’re not eating healthy), something wrong happens: mistake. … When I have good training, it’s not possible to go up. The (potential opponents) are so heavy.”

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