YOKKAO launches new affiliate training center program

The YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok opened in 2016 to offer visiting Muay Thai practitioners around the world an authentic outlet for learning Muay Thai.

Home to Muay Thai legends Saenchai and Singdam, the training center has rapidly built itself up as one of the most visited gyms in Bangkok.

After months of preparations, the creators are now ready to launch a brand new affiliate program with a complete YOKKAO experience to bring to gyms around the world.

Their mission is to deliver pure, high-quality Muay Thai training in a clean, modern facility equipped with our high quality gear and equipment.

There are other exclusive features that come as part of the YOKKAO Training Center Affiliate Program including access to YOKKAO products at special wholesale prices, trainer certification courses, potential to co-promote international events and priority in holding seminars with world-class athletes from the YOKKAO Fight Team.

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