Young judoka disqualified for mobile phone on tatami (VIDEO)

When earlier this year we saw a Portuguese judoka getting disqualified because of mobile phone, we thought we’d never see such a thing again.

Well, we were wrong. We had to wait 4 months in order for another judo competitor to do the same exact thing. The bizarre match took place during the 2019 World Judo Championships Cadets in Kazakhstan.

It was the opening round in the -52 kg category, as home crowd hero Ayana Satkynaliyeva was facing Tajiistan’s Akhliya Muminova. Both girls went straight to action and just 20 seconds into the match they are both on the ground working and maneuvering. Then all of a sudden, a mobile phone occurs on the tatami, as the referee of the bout immediately stops the match, because it’s strictly forbidden to go on the tatami with anything in possession.

At first, the two judokas didn’t recognize the phone, but after a few second the Kazakh judoka grabbed it and she was disqualified in a heartbeat. Deservedly so we might add.

Moments like this can haunt you for life. That is why you should always be concentrated in the combat sports world.

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