5 reasons why you should strart practicing Wushu

Wushu is a Chinese martial art with ancient history and over 1000 styles. Wushi is actually what Holywood movies call “kung fu”.

It means “military art” and it combines all Chinese martial arts. The more accurate transalation of Wushu is more non-agressive.

From a deadly martial art, wushu has transdormed into a way of achieving inner piece in a society full of problems.

Here is why you should practise it:


  1. It’s good for your health.

Wushu helps your flexibility, durability, strength, coordination, balance and mobility.

  1. It keeps you in good shape.

Most sports develop certaing muscle groups more than others, while in Wushu your muscle developement is synchronised. Due to the variety of techniques, all muscle groups and internal organs and systems work together.

  1. It’s good for your spirit.

Wushu trains your self-control, concentration, consistency, self-esteem and makes you more respectful towards others. The idea of Wushu is that you have to be in harmony with yourself and the world. By practicing Wushu you gain what you are missing, and lose what is not needed.

  1. It’s suitable for everybody.

The combination “block-hit” is applicable for all. Even if you never get to use it, the physical part of Wushu is really fun. It is multi-dimensional and it will never get you bored. Wushu is one of the most eye-pleasing sports.

  1. Wushu is not just a sport.

Thoughts and actions combine in Wushu. Studying Wushu will give you a better sense for the world around you and your place in it. The martial art shows the path for finding true happiness in life. Thats the secret of Wushu and it requires many years of practice.

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