A Black Belt Is A White Belt Who Never Gave Up

Source: kwunion.com

Beginning along any journey is an exciting time, and for martial artists, the beginning of the journey is White Belt. At the start of the journey, the student has no knowledge of the martial arts, and so everything is new, and skills are gained in every class. Progress is rapid at this time, as there is so much to learn and every lesson uncovers new ideas, new techniques, and new ways of moving.

Training in martial arts is not a seasonal activity. Students enroll at any time they feel ready, and their Instructors plan for them to continue training at least until they achieve their Black Belts, and hopefully longer still.

Starting on the journey is the first step to success. Once the student has taken that first step, the Instructors will take the students to Black Belt. It will take time, it will take work, it will take sweat, but all students can achieve a Black Belt. The only thing that will prevent a student from achieving a Black Belt is if they stop their training.

This is an important thing to realize. Any student who has the determination to stick with it, and who turns up to class, can be successful in martial arts. They will learn control over their bodies and over their minds as they continue to practice and develop their martial arts. The thing to know about training at Fire Phoenix Martial Arts is that attending classes is enough. Students can choose to do extracurricular events and activities, practice at home and read and study about the Arts. This will all enrich the student’s training experience, however, it is not necessary. Coming to class, and being actively present in the class is enough. Students will learn and they will become experts at their Art, with time.

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