Adesanya becomes UFS’s undisputed middleweight champion

Israel Adesanya became the undisputed middleweight champion in the UFC after defeating Robert Whittaker in front of nearly 60 000 people in Australina at UNC 243.

The New Zealand born Nigerian ended the bout 3:33 minuets in the second round after knocking down his opponent to the canvas at the end of the first. Shortly after his win, while still on the Octagon, Adesanya chose his next opponent. He said he wants to defend his UFC middleweight title against “swimsuit model” Paulo Costa next so he can shut up the “dumb” casual fans. “I enjoyed it myself, it sells the next fight a little bit, but at same time, he’s a b****,” Adesanya said at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne at the post-event press conference after showing Costa two middle fingers. “He’s my b****. I wanna make him my b****, that’s why I did what I did.”

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