Adrien Broner retires… again! For the second time in 2019

American boxer Adrien Broner said back in has announced his retirement for a second time this year and for the third time overall.

“I’m retiring,” Broner announced on Instagram. “Boxing is a lonely sport. I’m done with this sh**. Give me a brick and let me turn it into 8 with some phyt.”

Broner (33-4-1, 24 KO’s) was outpointed by Pacquiao in January in a secondary welterweight world title fight. He produces miserable performance in which landed just 50 punches.

Nearly a month after the fight, Broner announced he was finished with boxing and going back to the street life:

“I am done with boxing and this fake ass business,” Broner wrote. “I will DIE a real nigga before I let an mf (mother f*****) f*** me over or play me!”

Broner first “retired” in June 2018 two months after his controversial draw against former 147-pound titleholder Jessie Vargas.

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