Aikido moves: Yokomenuchi

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As your partner executes a yokomenuchi strike, step diagonally forward with your left foot, assuming gyaku hanmi to parry his strike.

Extend your left arm against his lower forearm to block his forward advance, and simultaneously execute an atemi to his face with your right hand. Control his elbow with your left hand and bring your right hand on top of his left hand to seize his wrist.

While grabbing your partner’s elbow with your left hand, lower his right hand in a circular motion and apply a nikyo lock with your right hand.

Having unbalanced your partner, step in diagonally with your left foot, moving his arm forward and down.

Lower into a seated posture, insuring that your partner’s shoulder is pinned to the mat.

Immobilize his arm against your body.

Source: Aikido/Facebook

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