Albena Sitnilska makes a memorable SENSHI debut

The Bulgaria fighting sensation Albena Sitnilska will definitely remember her debut at SENSHI.

The superwomen defeated Anna Izdebska from Ukraine via UD after a hard-fought three rounds. The fight was conducted under the KWU Full Contact rules in the -55 kg category.

The referee of SENSHI 5 opening bout was the four-time K-1 Grand Prix champion – Ernesto Hoost who received a special award after the fight.

Sitnilska started aggressively the opening round. She used her taekwondo background to the fullest, landing some great high kicks. Not only that, when the two girls were in the clinch, the Bulgarian was the one doing the better things and throwing the harder punches to the body.

As time went by, the Ukrainian fighter started to find her rhythm. Not only she was eating all of Sitnilska strikes, but Izdebska was always coming forward. She was relying mostly on her right hand and she caught Sitnilska off guard a couple of times.

Still, the home crowd hero managed to stay on her feet at the most crucial times and regained control of the fight thanks to her kicks and keeping a safe distance.

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