Alex Pereira demolishes Abena at GLORY 68 (VIDEO)

The world premier’s kickboxing league GLORY has it’s new “Champ Champ” and that is Alex Pereira (31-6).

The middleweight champion defeated yesterday Donegi Abena (27-7) at GLORY 68’s main event in Miami, USA, and the interim light heavyweight title was on the line.

The Brazilian fought an excellent all-around fight, as he was the aggressor right from the get-go. He was landing low kicks and hard punches. Abena rose up to the occasion and threw some massive hooks over Pereira’s guard.

The second round saw Abena controlling the pace of the fight thanks to his high kicks that were connecting most of the time. The middleweight champion got caught with some body shots and for a moment it seemed that he is seconds away from losing the bout.

But then the third and final round came and the inevitable happened – the former light heavyweight champion got exhausted and Pereira made the most of the situation. He regained the dominance of the fight threw some perfect combos that put his adversary on the canvas. Abena managed to beat the ref’s count and went straight forward, but he got chipped on the way in with a brutal left hook and that was all she wrote.

Now the 32-year-old double champ is headed for a unification bout with the real champion of the division – Russia’s Artem Vakhitov. Right after the fight, the Brazilian kickboxer stated that it does not matter for him who he fights next, as he only wishes is to be put on the “GLORY: Collision 2” card.

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