Alex Volkanovski: Let’s fill out this 60,000-seat stadium

UFC fighter Alexander Volkanovski isn’t any less confident of his title hopes. Тhe MMA star thinks that after watching champ Max Holloway’s win over Frankie Edgar.

“If you want to come to me like that, I’ve got my power to really put people away,” he told MMA Junkie moments after Holloway’s unanimous decision in the headliner of UFC 240 at Rogers Place.

Volkanovski couldn’t pick a winner and said he’d have to watch the whole thing over again.

“I don’t think he’s too banged up, so I think he could,” Volkanovski said. “But the weight cut was more of a problem. If he wants to do that weight cut again, I don’t know. But hopefully, he does.”

Holloway needed a towel and hit the scale sporting sunken cheeks eight months after an unsuccessful bid for the interim lightweight title.

Holloway didn’t appear to be physically damaged after five rounds with Edgar, but Volkanovski is skeptical about the champ’s readiness.

“I believe he could turn it around, or I’m hoping,” the contender said. “It’s up to him. Let’s fill out this 60,000-seat stadium. We could break records. I want to be a part of it. Hopefully, Max does too.”

Volkanovski is convinced he won’t wither as Holloway pours on the pressure.

“If they want to do all the work for me, so be it,” he said. “Let me sit on my punches and throw some bombs.”

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