Alexander Alexandrov: We’re not chasing results at the “Strandja”

The assistant manager of Bulgaria’s men national boxing team – Alexander Alexandrov gave an exclusive interview for Bulgaria ON AIR and Boec.BG regarding the upcoming “Strandja Memorial Cup“.

The tournament starts tomorrow in Sofia and the Official Opening Ceremony is scheduled for 5 pm.

 – You conducted some training camps in Belmeken and now, here in Sofia. Are the boys ready?

– In my opinion, the lads are ready for the “Strandja”. We won’t go after the big results, though. The cup is part of our preparation for the big events that are coming in the next months. Most of the boys are still pretty young and the most important thing for them is to gain experience and knowledge. We have a good chance of seeing where we at right now and to check the level of boxing in Bulgaria. Our main goal for the guys is to be in top form for the big championships in 2019. Of course, the tournament is important, because we got the home crowd and they are dying to prove themselves.

 – Tell us about the training camps you had? Is everything the way you planned it?

– Yes, the training camps went well. We began on the 7th of January. As you correctly stated, we went to Belmeken and we spent three weeks there. We did a lot of sparrs with the guys. But they are fine. Of course, there are some traumas here and there, but that’s part of boxing.

 – As you just stated, the majority of the guys are pretty young. But there are guys like Daniel Asenov and Peter Belberov who know what is like to be at the “Strandja” and win it. What advices are they giving to the younger boxers in the team?

– Daniel Asenov is pretty young himself, he’s only 21 years, but he has the experience on his side. The most important thing is support. They are backing them up all the way, encouraging them…

 – I guess you are expecting the medals to come from the matured and experienced fighters in the roster?

– No doubt. They are the favorites in their categories, but the young bloods are pretty talented, too and I’m hoping they will be at their best, so we can count on them in the future.

 – One of the big names – Radoslav Pantaleev said that he won’t be fighting at the “Strandja”, so he could prepare properly for the next tournaments.

– The coaching staff had a meeting with him and we decided that the best thing for him right now is to get a longer rest. He needs to be at his best for the European Games in June.

 – And finally, what do you wish for from the “Strandja”?

– The most important thing for me is that the guys come out in good health after the fights because we have a EUBC U22 Men and Women European Championship in March and most of the boys will take part in the competitions. I really hope they’ll showcase their best boxing abilities because that will give them the much-needed self-esteem.

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