Alexander Petrov vs. Radu Medeleanu at Colosseum Tournament XI

Two-time world kickboxing champion Alexander Petrov will face the Romanian Radu Medeleanu on March 29 at Colosseum Tournament XI in Bucharest, Romania.

Aceasta va fi o lupta dura. Radu Medeleanu vs Alexander Petrov se anunta un duel interesant. Cine va invinge ? Mai mult…

Публикувахте от Colosseum Tournament в Четвъртък, 14 март 2019 г.

The clash is part of the Main Card of the best kickboxing and muay thai organization in Romania.

Petrov is one of the most notable kickboxers in Bulgaria and just a month ago he claimed the SFC title in the 84 kg category, K1 style. The main event of the evening will be Daniel Ghita vs. Petr Vondracek.

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