Ali Yuzeir: I’ve never faced a guy like Abilkassym before

One of Bulgaria’s promising kickboxing talents Ali Yuzeir is just 10 days away from making his anticipated SENSHI debut.

The 20-year-old is scheduled to face Seraly Abilkassym from Kazakhstan in a -70 kg category fight conducted under the KWU’s Professional League rules.

The Bulgarian fighter will be facing a SENSHI vet who has already participated in the special SENSHI Cup edition.

Yuzeir took the time to talk to us about his training camp, his preparations, and his goal prior to the fight with the Kazakh.

“I’m expecting a tough fight. It’s not going to be easy, but I’ll do my best to get the W. Abilkassym is a Kazakhstan’s national Kyokushin champion and a prize winner in numerous Asian tournaments. I’ve watched some of his fights and the one thing I saw is his specific style of fighting. I’m not quite sure if he’s more powerful or stronger than me, but his fighting style is unique. I’ve never faced a guy like him in my career.

“My strategy going to this fight is to explore and find his weak spots. I’m guessing I’ll be busy with the hands”, Yuzeir said.

When asked why he chose to come all the way from Denmark to participate in SENSHI’s fourth edition, the youngster had this to say:

“The new KWU Professional league rules got me interested. We’re allowed to throw the opponent and to use our elbows in the opponent’s head. I’ve watched SENSHI Cup and it was intense. I’m sure we’ll do even better.

“I hope one day I’ll face my fellow countryman Bogdan Shumarov and after that, I want to get signed to the biggest kickboxing league – GLORY”, Yuzeir added.

SENSHI 4 will take place on October 26 at Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sports. You can get your tickets from HERE.

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