American Sambo League held it`s Winter Championship

The American Sambo League Winter Championship was held on February 6 in Dallas (Texas). The tournament consisted of competitions in Sports and Combat SAMBO in several weight categories and was open to representatives of various types of martial arts. In addition to the competitive part, a lot of attention was paid to training at the event. The seminar for the participants was conducted by an international master of sports, the 1st vice-president of the national federation USA Sambo Inc. Mikhail Kozitsky.

A year ago, the FIAS website talked about the test tournament within the US SAMBO League, which was also held in Dallas. The organizer and ideological inspirer of the tournament and the Sambo League is a former member of the national team Julian Sanchez. Then he stated that the full start of the SAMBO League is scheduled for 2021. It was expected to be a multi-stage team tournament in Dallas, where athletes from all over the country could go. One of the main goals of the League was to attract representatives of various martial arts to SAMBO.

The past year with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic made adjustments to the organizers’ plans. Therefore, one can hardly talk about the full launch of the League. However, the 2021 Winter Championship still took place, and the organizers do not plan to deviate from their initial idea.

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