Andrei Chekhonin captures the WAKO PRO world title

One of the best Russian kickboxers – Andrei Chekhonin will always remember SENSHI 5 fight night.

Yesterday the Russian fighter made his third SENSHI appearance at Varna’s Palace of Culture and Sports. Not only that, the 4-time Russian kickboxing champion won the WAKO PRO low kick championship belt in the -85.1 kg category.


The Russian karateka defeated France’s Abderrahim Chafay who was defending the title. The legendary kickboxing K-1 champion – Semmy Schilt was the one presenting the belt to Chekhonin.

Andrei started off quickly with a brutal left hook to the head. The French answered right back with a 1-2 punching combination, but he got hit with another left hook. Soon after that the challenger found Chafay’s weak spot and stormed him with a thunderous left to the body, knocking him down.

The defining moment came seconds before the end of the opening round when after a series of short punches Abderrahim fall right into the hand of the referee who waved off the bout.

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