Andy Ruiz: Joshua got me with lucky shot

Andy Ruiz Jr. warns Anthony Joshua that his knockdown was a “lucky shot” – in the 3rd round of their fight last June. Ruiz says he was unhurt after he climbed off the canvas after the knockdown.

“That was a lucky shot for him, too,” Ruiz Jr. said to “I wasn’t that hurt because I wasn’t wobbling, and I still had the will and the fire inside of me.”

“I got lazy. It was a punch in the blink of an eye. I thought: “what just happened?”

“I had to do everything possible to change the fight, and that’s what I did with the left hook.

“The left hook was a really great shot in the temple. The other times I hit him in the head, he loosened up and got wobbly. I was the better fighter that day because I pressured him, threw more punches and the body shots put him down.”

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