Happy 81st birthday, sambo!

On November 16 1938 in the Soviet Union the martial art sambo was born. Today, 81 years later, sambo is developing in more than 120 countries the world over and keeps on winning the hearts of all sports fans.

How this day has been celebrated in the most remote corners of the globe is described in this FIAS survey:

“We keep on our intensive work on the development of SAMBO in Venezuela. We already have four specialized beach SAMBO clubs, and their number continues to grow. They serve as a kind of training centers in various cities along the coast of Venezuela. Furthermore, the Commission on the Development of Beach SAMBO was established as part of the Federation, which is headed by Emilio Alonso”, claimed Cesar Arteaga, President of the Venezuelan SAMBO Federation.


In Samarkand (Republic of Uzbekistan), a sambo tournament was held, and its winners received medals and commemorative prizes presented by the sports officials of the region. On the same day, a street procession led by the head of the national federation Alisher Alimov and athletes who had won the awards at the 2019 World sambo Championships in Cheongju (Republic of Korea), wended its way to the central square of the city, the Registan Square.

The Bulgarian Federation also timed the holding of the national cadet Championships in Panagyurishte to coincide with sambo’s birthday, November 16.

Following the official part, the participants were able to relax in the informal atmosphere and relish a delicacy specially baked for this occasion – a sambo cake.

The Americas celebrated sambo Birthday with a series of sporting events, as well as the launch of a special mobile application. “SAMBO America” was the first software product of its kind created by Venezuelan athletes on their own initiative. The app is designed to simplify the acquaintance with this sport for all comers, and also allows professional athletes, coaches, referees and all members of teams and national federations to keep abreast of the latest events and developments.

By using this application, anyone can get acquainted with the history of sambo, pick up the latest news from the life of the organization, watch video tutorials, learn new throwing techniques, and much more.

Source: sambo.sport (official FIAS website)

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