Andy Ruiz still wants the rematch in USA (VIDEO)

Unified heavyweight champion of the world Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1) is obviously not happy with the announcement that his rematch with Anthony Joshua (22-1) will be taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Last week Eddie Hearn broke the news that the anticipated fight is heading to the Arabic country, even though Cardiff and New York were the two major favorites to land the clash. Ruiz, 29, kept his mouth shut for some days after the statement from “Matchroom Boxing”, but yesterday the champion stated in an Instagram video that “the fight will be happening, but on my terms”.

“I know everybody is talking about the fight,” said Ruiz Jr. on social media.

“We’ve got some real news coming soon. AJ is going to get the rematch. It’s happening soon. We do got the rematch, of course, but it’s going to be on my terms. Hell yeah,” said Ruiz Jr. when asked if Joshua is scared of fighting him again.

Image: БТА

“Why do you think he’s over there trying to make the fight in Saudi Arabia? Like I said; I have no protection over there in Saudi Arabia. Never mind, I can’t say anything,” said Ruiz.

Today the American backed his comments saying that his team is still in a negotiation process with Joshua’s people.

“I have not signed anything yet, we are negotiating everything,” Ruiz told ESPN Mexico.

“They want the fight to be in Saudi Arabia but we have to see where we negotiate with my team. I would like it in New York again, where I beat him. I’m giving him a chance to try and beat me and if he wants the belts, he has to do it there.”

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