Another dominant win for Andrey Chekhonin (VIDEO)

Another win for Andrey Chekhonin just a month after he won his WAKO Pro world championship belt in under 85.1 kg. division at SENSHI 5 in Varna. The Russian fighter added another belt in his collection. This happened at the ‘Fair Fight’ championship in Ekaterininburg, Russia.

The 4x Russian kickboxing champion defeated two opponents last night. He started off with Vladimir Degtyarev and won with an unanimous decision. His opponents had a slight height advantage, but he couldnt use it, because of Chekhonin`s brutal low kicks and left hooks.

Full video:

In the final Chekhonin fought the much younger Gadji Mejidov. He was also taller than Chekhonin and started aggressively but Chekhonin managed to hold his attacks. The 31-years old Russian even scored a knock-down in the end of  Round 1 with a stunning right hook.

Andrey started using his low kicks a lot more in the second round. Mejidov knew that he was losing and started attacking desperately, but in the end the referee lifted Ckehonin`s hand. This was Chekhonin`s 27th professional win.

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