Sambo league to be established in the US

American sambists plan to launch SAMBO League in their country.

The League season will consist of two open tournaments (winter and summer) featuring competitions in both sport and combat SAMBO. The first test event of this type, the Winter Championships, was held in Dallas (Texas) in February this year.

At the presentation tournament, fights in sport and combat SAMBO among men and women took place. According to the National SAMBO Federation “USA Sambo Inc.”, it was at the Winter Championships that combat SAMBO competitions among women were held for the first time in the USA. The organizer and ideological inspirer of the tournament and the Sambo League is a former member of the national team Julian Sanchez supported by the USA Sambo Inc. The refereeing at the tournament was provided by the head coach of the US team Robert Clark and one of the leading US sambists Johnson Jajoute.

I really liked the idea of establishing the SAMBO League, Julian did an excellent job. Some fights highly impressed me. When the opponents are about the same level, they seem to test each other during the bout. I am sure that the SAMBO League has great prospects for future development. Perhaps today it was the best SAMBO tournament in the USA which I happened to watch,’ said Johnson Jajoute.

As part of the Winter Championships, members of the USA Sambo Inc. also gave a workshop for its participants. At the event, the rules, strategy and techniques of sport and combat SAMBO were discussed. According to the organizers, staging seminars will become a regular practice at the US SAMBO League tournaments.


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