Anthony Joshua breaks silence over sparring KO rumors

Former unified world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (22-1) has spoken out on the ongoing rumors that the Brit was knocked out during one of his sparring sessions before his June 1 clash with Andy Ruiz Jr. (33-1).

Joshua, 29, lost his 4 belts to the Mexican-American in Madison Square Garden and a lot of talks has been made about him having troubles with one of his sparring partners – Joey Dawejko.

When the British-Nigerian was asked if there’s any truth in the rumors, Josuha said the following:

“Definitely not. I feel like people are more interested in their five minutes of fame. Even in sparring, everyone wants to be famous, rather than a good fighter.

“Silly stories about knocking me down and all that stuff. You can’t even enjoy your training and work on things without someone trying to make up false allegations, and trying to get five minutes of fame.

“You bring someone into your training camp to do them a favor, you’re paying them, nothing like in that nature has happened, you beat them up in every round, then they go and do an interview. It just happens all the time in boxing, there is just a lot of envy, and there’s no realness, and that’s why it doesn’t really sit well with me boxing sometimes, where I just lose that passion for it.”

Image: БТА

Joshua is set to face Andy Ruiz Jr. this upcoming December in Saudi Arabia. Initially, the fight was all set and done, but then the champion said that his team is still in the negotiating process.

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