Luke Campbell and Lomachenko weight on point two weeks before the fight

We’re just 12 days away from one of the most promising boxing fights in the lightweight division. On August 31 in London, the unified lightweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko (13-1) will be squaring up against Britain’s Luke Campbell (20-2) in a unification fight with the WBA “Super”, WBC and WBO titles being on the line.

Both Loma and Campbell were well within the 14-day weight threshold as imposed by the World Boxing Council.

In fact, at 62.1 kilograms, the Ukrainian was actually closer to the official lightweight limit than the 5% overage he and Campbell are permitted two weeks ahead of fight night. Campbell tipped the scale at 64.2 kg, just within the 64.4 kg safety check limit, or 5% above the 61.2 kg contracted fight limit.

The final safety weight check will come this Friday, where they must be within 3% of the lightweight max or 63 kilos.

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