Artem Pashporin claims the W in his SENSHI debut

Russia’s Artem Pashporin won his first-ever SENSHI fight this past weekend.

The Muay Thai machine KO’d Portugal’s Dmytro Hlevka at SENSHI 7 in the only Muay Thai bout of the evening that was held in the 70 kg category.

It was a debut under the SENSHI banner for both Pashporin and Hlevka.

The fight started with a quick exchange of straight left hands. Both guys preferred to fight on the inside which was expected, as they both possessed excellent fighting skills. As time was passing by, Pashporin started to dictate the pace of the clash thanks to his more diverse attacking.

His Portugal opponent was relying on his low kick counterattacks, but Pashporin couldn’t be pushed away for too long.

Hlevka started the second part mainly on his back foot. At moments it seemed like the Iberian fighter has forgotten his right hand at home, as he was too busy defending from Pashporin’s left hooks. It was all over in the middle of the second round when Pashporin got the better position from the clinch they were in and landed a massive knee blow to the body of Hlevka.

The perfect execution of the strike send Dmytro to the ground and he couldn’t beat the count by anyone’s surprise.

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