Asanoyama, Hakuho cruise to victory on Day 2 in Tokyo

The newly promoted ozeki Asanoyama and yokozuna Hakuho cemented their position as top contenders at the July Grand Sumo Tournament after each decisively claimed a second straight win on Monday.

Asanoyama quickly dispatched top-ranked maegashira Endo (1-1) after getting a left-handed outside hold on his belt and driving him out in the penultimate bout on Day 2 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Hakuho then wrapped up No. 1 Yutakayama (0-2) and flipped the rank-and-filer to the clay with a perfectly executed underarm throw.

Hakuho — the sole remaining yokozuna following Kakuryu’s injury withdrawal earlier in the day — is gunning for his 45th title and first back-to-back championship since 2017.

The rest of the elite-level wrestlers also fared well. Takakeisho improved to 2-0 after taking out No. 2 Onosho (0-2). The demotion-threatened kadoban ozeki, who needs to clinch at least eight wins to keep his rank, pushed Onosho back and then slapped him down as he tried to rally.

Both sekiwake prevailed on Day 2 to remain perfect in the race for the year’s third Emperor’s Cup.


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