Atanas Bozhilov is the new World WAKO PRO Champion

Bulgaria’s national kickboxing team captain Atanas Bozhilov is the new WAKO PRO World Champion in 71.8 kg.

In the main event of the second edition of SENSHI the SC “Samurai” fighter defeated Max Spodarenko from Belarus with an unanimous decision.

The fight was a chess match, as promised by both fighters on the official press-conference before the second edition of SENSHI. Both fighters showed how experienced they are and that they are extremely good tacticians and strategists in the ring.

Bozhilov showcased amazing defence and counter-attacking, however, unlike previous performances, it was his offence that really shined in this bout. Displaying amazing cardio and strength and conditioning, he was pushing the pace through the entire 5 rounds of the fight and dictating the course of it with powerful and rapid combinations of two-three punces and low kicks. The Bulgarian completely shutted down the game of the Belarussian, who is considered to be the best European K-1 fighter for 2018.

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