Two appearances and two victories for Bogdan Shumarov at SENSHI

След като през февруари записа първата си победа в дебютния си двубой на SENSHI, вчера Богдан Шумаров покачи актива си на две от две в най-новата бойна верига у нас.

Bulgaria`s top kickboxing prospect Bogdan Shumarov got his second win at the second edition of SENSHI.

The 28-years old kickboxer from sports club “Boil” defeated Ilyas Boukouya with an unanimous decision. Iliyas, who is one of the top fighters trained by the K-1 legend Peter Aerts, lost all three round to the Bulgarian in the judges eyes.

Both fighters were feeling each other in the first round and were not taking any unneseccery risks, however, Bogdan was landing more solid leg kicks and controlling the centre of the ring.

Not only the low kicks, but Bogdan’s boxing was on point as always. In the second round the dutch fighter landed several significant shots, but his toughness was the more impressive thing he showed in the bout. The young and hungry for victory fighter did not stop, no matter how much punishment he was taking.

In the third and final round Shumarov stepped up a notch and started pushing his opponent even more showing supreme confidence and landing extremely powerful kicks.

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