Bahrein celebrates first ever Para-taekwondo gold medal

Bahrain has celebrated the country’s first major Para-taekwondo gold medal.

Noora Yusuf Zainal topped the podium at the Arab Online Para-Taekwondo Championship this month, a poomsae event which was held virtually amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Rawan Ismaeel Al Saad captured a bronze medal, making the event the most successful one for Bahrein up to this point.

Fajar Al-Binali, the coach of the team, had this to say:

“It was the Kingdom’s first international participation,” she said to Kawa News.

“A victory for Bahraini Para-athletes in any form of martial arts is, therefore, a historic event and a moment of great honor for all of us.”

The event was organized by the United Arab Emirates Taekwondo Federation and Dubai Police’s People of Determination Council.


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