Ben Davison instructions during the Billy Joe Saunders title fight (VIDEO)

This past Saturday the Brit Billy Joe Saunders captured his second WBO world titles following a UD win over Germany’s Shefat Isufi.

“Superb” was escorted to the ring by his friend Tyson Fury and his new trainer Ben Davison who’s also coaching “The Gypsy King”. Even though Davison is only 28-years-old, he’s regarded as one of the best coaches in the world of boxing.

He gained worldwide popularity when Fury hired him last year and everybody saw what kind of strategic maniac Davison is during the Wilder-Fury fight last December.

Down below you can watch how the young mastermind is giving instructions to the 29-years-old Saunders during his bout against Isufi and witness for yourself how important actually is to have a good coach who knows how boxing works.

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