Taiwanese athlete must represent China on CrossFit Games 2019

There will be little doubt in the representation of China national team on CrossFit Games 2019.

Ruei Tsai-Jui Hung is athlete from Taiwan, so look what she said about the strange situation:

“I would proudly say I come from Taiwan,” said Hung, who came 805th in the CrossFit Open, a five-week, user-submitted workout contest.

She is former rugby player, 26 years old, and trains out of Kaohsiung at both CrossFit X Ray. She is full time coach there, also.

“I also respect the whole CrossFit structure,” Hung said. “All my focus now will be mainly on doing my best in the games and letting people who support me feel proud.”

She trains 5-6 days a week, in 3-4 hour sessions each day.

“I do know what I’m eating to keep my body in optimal status to train. I try to eat as clean as possible like everyone who does CrossFit would do,” she said.

“I avoid processed food and sugar contained food for the most of time. I adjust my food intake according to my training volume and my body condition.

“I usually take more dense carbs before and after training session to support my training and have better recovery.”

She noted CrossFit is growing in Taiwan as well, but has a way to go to catch up to other mainstream sports.

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