BFC 55 full fight card

Belarussian Fighting Championship 55 is taking place tomorrow (June 25) in Minsk, Belarus.

The fight card will produce both kickboxing and MMA clashes. The kickboxing main event features Evgeniy Volchek (5-1) and Mikita Shostak (6-1) in the -86 kg category.

The remaining five battles will be conducted under the MMA rules.

Main Event
-86 kg: Evgeny Volchek (5-1) vs Mikita Shostak (6-1)

-93 kg: German Vandevin (5-0) vs Alexander Galkin (3-1)
-75 kg: Alexander Lyatos (2-0) vs Nariman Mamedov (2-1, Azerbaijan)
-57 kg: Igor Molchanov (7-3) vs Rustam Juzepchuk (1-0)
-51 kg: Ksenia Nikolaeva (2-0) vs Victoria Lakhnova (Debut)
-67 kg: Maksim Bychkovsky (1-1) vs Archi Belanovsky (Debut, Italy)

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