BJJ Stars 4 Results

The BJJ Stars 4 event took place this past Saturday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The fight night produced a total of 13 matches with multi-champion Leandro Lo defeating Isaque Bahiense in the main event of the evening, winning the middleweight Grand Prix tournament.


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Here you can check out all the results from the show:

Cláudio Calasans defeated Luan Carvalho in the referees’ decision
Otávio Sousa defeated Matheus Diniz by 3 to 0 on advantages
Leandro Lo defeated Jaime Canuto by 1 to 0 on advantages
Isaque Bahiense defeated Gustavo Batista by 2 to 0 on advantages after 2 to 2 on points

Leandro Lo defeated Cláudio Calasans 7-0 on points
Isaque Bahiense submitted Otávio Sousa in the choke from behind

Leandro Lo defeated Isaque Bahiense 1-0 on advantages

Super fights
Gabi Garcia defeated Cláudia Do Val by 11 to 0 on points
Patrick Gaudio defeated Devhonte Johnson by 2 to 1 on advantages after 2 to 2 on points
Dimitrius Souza submitted Rafael Lovato on the choke from behind
Bia Mesquita defeated Thamara Ferreira by 4 to 0 on points
Erich Munis defeated Victor Hugo 6 to 4 on points
Anna Rodrigues defeated Amanda Monteiro 3 to 0 on advantages

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