Future Karate events in Europe discussed at EKF Executive Committee meeting

The Executive Committee of the European Karate Federation met Tuesday via videoconference. The organization of future events on the continent and the effects of the coronavirus pandemic were discussed at the meeting.

EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós chaired the gathering with the members of the EKF decision-making body connecting remotely. The main point of the agenda was the status of the 2021 Senior European Championships.

Following the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in the continent, the members of the EKF Executive Committee were briefed on the decision of the organizers of the EKF Senior Championships in Sweden to pull out of hosting the tournament in Gothenburg next year due to the consequences of the pandemic.

As a result of this decision, the EKF Executive Committee agreed to search for alternative venues to host Karate’s biggest European event next year. Moreover, EKF’s decision-making body decided to do the utmost to celebrate the tournament in 2021 as the 56th EKF Senior Championships is included in the Olympic qualification process.

Additionally, the EKF Executive Committee resolved to host the General Congress of the organization on the eve of the EKF Senior Championships next year.

“The progress of the sport and the wellbeing of our athletes are at the core of our decisions. While we are facing new challenges due to the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we must continue working together to guarantee that we can return to activity as soon as possible and that we can do so with the best conditions for athletes, fans, and all the European Karate family. I want to express my appreciation for the hard work and understanding of all the members of the EKF Executive Committee today; I hope that we can continue making the most to extend the development of our sport in Europe,” said WKF and EKF President Antonio Espinós.

Source: www.wkf.net

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