Bogdan Shumarov defeats Estonian in SENSHI 5 main event

One of Bulgaria’s most talented kickboxers Bogdan Shumarov defeated Estonia’s Maikel Astur in what was the main event of SENSHI 5.

The last bout of the night was conducted under the WAKO PRO K-1 style in the -75 kg category with the vacant European WAKO PRO belt on the line.

It was another fight where both fighters were separated at the end only by the ringside judges. The home crowd hero got the W via UD. The European title is the second WAKO PRO in Shumarov’s collection after the one he won back in 2017 in the -71.8 kg division.

Shumarov went straight forward right from the get-go. Astur had the height advantage and Shumarov wanted to cut the distance mainly through his side and front kicks. But the Estonian had pretty solids moments in the opening rounds thanks to his counterattacks. He managed to land a knee to the head of Shumarov that cut Shumarov right over his eye.

The second round started with a good low kick from Shumarov who was doing a lot of bobbing and weaving and defending way better than the opening part. As time went by, Bogdan focused on his boxing and that turned out to be his best decision. Maikel had no answer for Shumarov’s jab and he rocked him a couple of times with the right hook.

In the final minutes of the bout, the Bulgarian fighter knocked down his adversary putting the icing on the cake and getting the UD.

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