Boxing’s Olympic qualifiers to restart in April

The Olympic boxing qualifying tournament will restart in April 2021, more than a year after they were stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last March boxers from Europe gathered around in London to participate in the qualifying tournament for Tokyo 2020, but after three days the event was suspended and a couple of weeks after that the Olympic Games got postponed too.

The competition is being rescheduled from April 22-26 and it will take place at Copper Box, while the Olympic Games are scheduled to start on July 23 in Tokyo, Japan.

The original draw will stand as the competition resumed, meaning the 16 boxers who secured their place in Tokyo from the original competition have already sealed their qualification.

A total of 176 boxers from across Europe remain in the competition which will be held across eight men’s weight categories and five for women. 50 qualification places are available for the men and 27 for women.

The Asian and the African qualifiers were completed in 2020, while the Pan-American tournament will be held in May and the final qualifying tournament for all the fighters who couldn’t secure a Tokyo spot in their continental events will take place in June.

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