Brandon Curry – The Prodigy (VIDEO)

Brandon Curry might not be the first name that comes up to your mind when the term Professional Bodybuilding is being used, but that doesn’t mean the 37-year-old bodybuilder is not one of the all-timers.

Curry is the reigning Mr.Olympia, capturing the 1st place in 2019. They call him “The Prodigy” and there is a good reason for this – he won his first bodybuilding competition at the age of 21 (2003 Supernatural Bodybuilding).

Initially, he was competing in the light heavyweight division, but genetics were on his side, and after 4 years and almost 15 kilograms added he was in the heavyweight category.

Curry is notorious with his intense back workouts and his massive shoulder size.

The American is approximately 173 cm tall and his competitive weight is around 115 kilos. When its the off-season, he adds another 6 to 8 kilos.

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